Orlando Defective Products Attorney

Each year in the United States, nearly 30 million people are injured by defective consumer products. Of those, nearly 22,000 people die as a direct result of a defective consumer product. These numbers very likely represent a massive undercount for multiple reasons. Even so, here is a startling statistic:

Americans are more likely to be killed by a consumer product than by a murderer.

Most of the time, those hurt by a defective product are left all alone to pick up the pieces. At Gurney Law, we have extensive experience investigating injuries and deaths caused by defective and unsafe products and, where appropriate, prosecuting the corporations and insurance companies responsible for causing such wide-spread carnage. To speak with an experienced product attorney, call us today.

Why Gurney Law?

Our founder has extensive experience prosecuting the designers, manufacturers, and sellers of dangerously defective products, recovering millions of dollars for injured clients and the families of the deceased. While nothing will repair our clients’ permanent injuries or replace those they have lost, many of our clients elect to pursue a claim anyway. Why is that?

A Safer America

In America, a civil action (sometimes referred to as a “lawsuit”) has the power to change unreasonably dangerous industries. Under threat of consequences for unsafe conduct, the designers, manufacturers, and sellers of dangerously defective products are incentivized to make their products safer. At Gurney Law, many of our clients tell us the same thing: “I just don’t want to this to happen to someone else.” Together, we can work to make products safer – for everyone.

The Danger

When a product fails, injuring or killing someone in the process, the exact cause may not be immediately apparent. This is because many defective products fail so catastrophically that the product itself is damages or destroyed. Importantly, many people do not know whether they have a claim and, even if they do, against whom. This is why it is important to call a lawyer with experience handling defective product actions as soon as possible.

The Solution

If you or someone you know is injured or killed by a commercial product, call Gurney Law immediately. We will work around the clock to gather, preserve, and protect evidence critical to proving fault. From there, Gurney Law is equipped to navigate victims through the recovery process. Frequently, this includes a recovery from the designers, manufacturers, and sellers of dangerously defective products and, sometimes, their insurance companies.