Tampa Officer Sues Sig Sauer for Alleged Defect that Cuased Misfire, Injury

Tampa Officer Sues Sig Sauer for Alleged Defect that Cuased Misfire, Injury


A Tampa Police Reserve Officer says his department-issued service weapon fired without pulling the trigger, seriously injuring him. The 30-year veteran of the force is now suing the company that manufactures the firearm.

Last February, Bob Northrop was working an extra duty assignment as a TPD Reserve Officer patrolling Jefferson High School during a baseball game. Northrop says he was standing just feet from students and their families when his hand brushed his holstered service weapon.

“And the very second I touched the gun, it discharged,” Northrop said. “I tried to take another step and I couldn’t.”

The 69-year-old needed emergency surgery after a 9mm hollow-point bullet shattered his leg and ankle, causing permanent injuries.

To read the full Fox 13 article, click here.

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