Who is responsible for a truck crash in Florida?

Who is responsible for a truck crash in Florida?


There are a lot of potential responsible parties. When we intake a case, we look at everyone involved in the crash: our clients as well as the truck driver, the trucking company – often called the motor carrier – but there’s a lot of folks behind the scenes that are involved in putting that driver behind the wheel. Then, those folks may be responsible as well. They might also be liable. Those are brokers, shippers and receivers, docks where the truck entered and left. It could be logistics companies – they’re called 3PLs, 4PLs, sometimes people call them 5PLs when they’re soup-to-nuts running the operation. Any of those entities could be responsible for selecting a dangerous driver and they should all be looked at individually based on the facts of the case.

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Nicholas Gurney

Nicholas Gurney is a Trial Attorney and Managing Partner at Gurney Law, PLLC. Nicholas serves as an Adjunct Professor of Legal Studies at the University of Central Florida and acts as a product safety advocate for clients in our community. Outside the office, Nicholas enjoys amateur woodworking and machining, trips to the dog park with his dog, Nate, and spending time with his niece and nephew, both of whom are wise beyond their years.